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Power And Comfort For All Skin Types

Venus Velocity™ is a diode laser for hair removal* with gold standard efficacy and safety that delivers a positive ROI. Versatile and easy-to-use, the Venus Velocity™ diode laser hair removal machine provides treatments that are fast, comfortable, and safe for all skin types.

Offering the latest in laser hair removal equipment could help your practice attract patients who are seeking this treatment. In fact, more than 1,055,000 people had laser hair removal in 2019. It is one of the five most in-demand, minimally invasive cosmetic procedures in the United States1. The Venus Velocity™ diode laser hair removal machine can help you capitalize on this current demand.

Spa y Skin Clinic - PellRadiant

Why Venus Velocity Diode Laser Machine?

We have chosen Venus Velocity medical grade diode laser machine for hair removal due to its gold standard efficacy and power.

Suitable for all skin types

Diode laser technology used in the Venus Velocity is safe, comfortable results in ultra fast treatment times and is effective for all skin types. Its proven efficacy is setting the new gold standard in laser hair removal.


Venus velocity has 3 ergonomic applicators designed for precesion targeting of the hair to produce different spot sizes in different areas of the body.

Spa y Skin Clinic - PellRadiant
Spa y Skin Clinic - PellRadiant

Smallest tip size is most suitable to target small areas like upper lips, sideburns or fingers. Medium tip suitable for areas line underarms, shoulders or half arms whereas large tip being suitable for large to extra large target areas like full back or full legs. 


Revolutionary Real time Cooling System

Real time cooling system in the Venus Velocity checks the applicator tip's temeprature 1000 times a second to ensure  safe and very comfortable treatment experience.


No downtime

Our customers being able to return to their regular routine has been one of the important decision when short listing the technology we wanted to adopt at My Beauty Basics. There is really no downtime after treatment session with the Venus velocity.

Spa y Skin Clinic - PellRadiant

People of any gender can struggle with unwanted hair growth. For women, it often appears on the upper lip, between the eyebrows, the bikini line, legs, and underarms. Men might notice excess hair on the shoulders, back, ears, chest, or arms. Even if you shave, the hair always grows back, and waxing can be extremely uncomfortable.

Spa y Skin Clinic - PellRadiant
  • Small Areas (chin, ears, jawline, upper lip, fingers and toes, sideburns)


  • Medium Area (bikini line, under arms, shoulders, inner thighs, buttocks line)

  • Large Area (chest, forearms, upper arms, full face, full Brazilian bikini)

  • Extra Large Area (full back, full arms, full legs, chest and abdomen)

Spa y Skin Clinic - PellRadiant
Spa y Skin Clinic - PellRadiant

I’ve been several times to Juan at Pell Radiant. First of all, he is so nice and warm, and has a smile that lights up the place. But most importantly, he really is passionate about what he does, and only performs services that he really believes in. There are so many options out there it can be confusing, but you can really trust Juan. I’ve had a series of Tribella treatments, and I love the results. My skin has never looked better. And if you are lucky, Hugo the Chihuahua will be there to greet you.

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